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Photo with dolphins
It is a great opportunity for families, couples and friends to have a wonderful time together and capture a happy moment together with our adorable dolphins and fur seals. Taking a photo with dolphins today is a fabulous thing that you should not miss!

This is a package of unique photos with dolphins that you can make different and special with the help of our professional trainers' team.
Come and get your unique photo package.

Magic touch
This is a unique opportunity to get in contact and touch these amazing and friendly creatures. This activity is suitable for both adults and children.

After your first interaction with dolphins, you will get a chance to spend time with them playing various games.
You will also be able to take some unique photos during all the activities.
All the activities are suitable for all ages.
You only need your swimming suit and your perfect mood!

Don't miss this amazing experience.

Young trainer
This is a unique opportunity to try yourself in a role of a dolphins' trainer, to know more about the life of these beautiful creatures, to learn something new and interesting!
The program is suitable for both children and adults and includes the first interaction with dolphins, rehearsal of various items on the show program and dolphins' feeding.
This is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Happy time
Swimming with dolphins - 12 amazing activities, that will leave unmoved neither children nor adults!
Please, check the photos below for more details.

This is an amazing opportunity to spend unforgettable time with these smart and friendly creatures. After the safety briefing and execution of the insurance documents, you will have some time to take a shower and change into your swimming suit.


*The water in the swimming pool is about 26 C degrees. The dept of the swimming pool is 5 meters.

**To Swimming with dolphin, swimmer must be at least 6 years old of age, under 6 years old please contact our staff
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Photo with dolphins, swimming with dolphins
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